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In recent weeks BMW Financial Services has received unprecedented volumes of customer enquiries and requests for support as a result of COVID-19. We would like to sincerely thank customers for their patience and understanding throughout this challenging time.

Our intention is to significantly improve our response times to customers and provide support to those impacted by COVID-19 more quickly via a new online process, known as a Payment Deferral form.

During a Payment Deferral customers will not be required to make payments for one, two or three months and the length of their finance agreement (known as ‘term’) will be extended by the same period, up to three months.

For more information on Payment Deferral and to apply please click here.

Our Commitment to Customers.

All our customer support teams are fully enabled to work from home and are working hard to get back to every customer who has contacted BMW Financial Services in recent weeks.

We understand many people in the UK have been impacted by COVID-19 and require immediate support, so we are currently trying to prioritise our help towards those most vulnerable, key workers and individuals concerned about an upcoming payment.

So please only call us if you absolutely need to – our new online Payment Deferral approach will help many more customers be able to access the support they need right now.

If you have other COVID-19 related questions about your finance agreement, answers to our most frequently asked questions are regularly updated and available via the BMW Online Genius.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding and support. We sincerely believe that our new online Payment Deferral will help us provide the support needed by customers impacted by COVID-19 more quickly and easily moving forwards. Please stay safe and stay well.